Baha'i Devotional Meetings
Join us in prayer


The Baha'i teachings prescribe daily prayer and intimate communion with God as the foundation for a life devoted to spiritual advancement and service to humanity. Devotional meetings spring up naturally in a community where a conversation about the spiritual dimension of human existence is growing.

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Junior youth spiritual
empowerment program


Junior youth spiritual empowerment program

The junior youth empowerment program offers a setting in which young people aged 12 to 15 years can discuss ideas and form a strong moral identity. Though the moral concepts in the materials are drawn from the Bahá’í teachings, they are not religious in nature, nor do they treat subjects that are specifically Bahá’í.

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Bahá’í children’s classes for spiritual education


The education of children is essential to the transformation of society. Especially during the early years of childhood, great emphasis is placed on the development of spiritual qualities and on those beliefs, habits and patterns of conduct that constitute the essential attributes of a spiritual being.

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